USI Inter Zonal Cricket Tournament

Venue and Time: To be held in Gurgaon on 1st February 2023.

The format shall be knock out. Two semi finals in the morning between 8 am and 1 pm (played simultaneously on adjacent grounds) followed by the Final in the evening from 5 pm.

The four teams involved shall be
Northern Ninjas
Eastern Tigers
Southern Slayers
Western Warriors

The previous winner, Northern Ninjas would play Semi Final 1 while the Runnersup Southern Slayers shall play Semi Final 2. The opponents shall be selected by draw of lots.

The matches shall be played with a white ball and all standard rules of cricket followed.

All matches will be of 15 overs. The specific rules shall be shared below.

Those desirous can carry their own kit but some equipment shall be made available at site.

All teams should plan travel to reach by 31st evening as we wish to start early to provide rest to teams between two games

T 15 Rules

Each team can bowl a maximum of 15 overs, which results in batsmen attacking right from the first ball.
Each team must complete their quota of 15 overs in 90 minutes.

No bowler can bowl more than three overs in an innings.

Minimum overs

In case of interruptions that should curtail the match time, the result can still be decided provided each side can play 10 overs each.

Powerplay for 4 overs

Field restrictions are implemented to make the game more interesting by giving batsmen a chance to unleash their muscles at the start of the game. For the first three overs, the bowling side can only deploy two fielders outside the 30-yard circle.
Additionally, at the discretion of the batsmen at the crease, another powerplay — called the floating powerplay — can be taken at any time from the fourth to the twelfth over.
In non-powerplay overs, up to five fielders can be deployed outside the 30-yard circle.

Super Over

In case of a tie in a match there will be a Super Over to break the deadlock. Each team will get one over to score as many runs, with two wickets in hand. The team which scores the maximum runs in their allotted six balls wins the match.
And Yes ! registration of player for USICON 2023 is mandatory.