Ready to Showcase your
Skills and Knowledge ?

There is no better way to grow than add value to the life of others.
USICON 2023 brings an opportunity for Individuals, groups and societies to spread knowledge.
Create your mini museum today.

This USICON, the organising team is looking forward to make every nook and corner of the conference venue an avenue for knowledge and learning from others. In this endeavour, we are looking forward to create mini-museums spread over various areas of the grand venue – the A Dot convention centre, Gurugram.

These museums can be conceptualised by:

  • An Individual Member
  • A group of like minded members
  • A smaller society
  • A State
  • A Zone
  • A Subspecialty

This museum can feature:

  • Historical Aspects
  • Steps and evolution of Specific Procedures
  • Series of Cases with evidence and samples to handle peculiar problems
  • Tools and Tricks
  • Rare instruments
  • A non surgical process eg. Setting up a hospital / Digital marketing / Website Building / Business Development / Self Improvement

How we can support you as the organising committee:

  • Highlight the convenor and the entire team responsible for the museum and provide a certificate of appreciation
  • Provide a space or large wall for this museum
  • Cover the costs of fabrication and help in fine-tuning the design as per theme of USICON 2023
  • Provide security and concierge for the artefacts
  • Associate as brainstorming partners for your museum

Let’s Start Building this Thing !